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 Blogeintrag von "Snuggles the Bunny"


hello friends!

this my first day in the monastery today.

indeed really nice. nice walls. nice grey cold walls. mmmh. well, after enjoying the view to the nice grey walls in my room i had breakfast. they gave me some bread and water. yess, i really liked it, kind of.  the water was really good. really fresh. ahm. and the bread, a little dry, but especially without butter or marmelade tasted so natural. hhrrmmm.



i’m not allowed to talk to the other monks, as they all don’t talk, they had to swear to stay silent for some month. a little les conversation, a little more ….action? or regret? guilt? boredom i’m not sure, if they mean they same as elvis did, when he said, that he’s tired of talking?  turn on some music ... mmmh??? mmmh…



(nice guys, but not easy to understand)


in the afternoon i will get 1 apple for wages.

it was 5 o’clock in the morning when we got up. after 3 hours praying, we had to work in the garden. work makes you forget all the guilt you put on yourself –  i would say that  drinking whisky and watching would do the same, but as they don’t talk to me, no discussion possible. than praying again  some hours for beeing a better rabbit. i feel really depressed now, i hate myself, as i found out that i am full of guilt (maybe).

holy shit i only can think of apples. i’m fucking hungry right now. apple-cake, apple-cookies, a big steak with apples, apple-spaghetti with apple-meat-balls, apple-pizza and apple-sausages… and green-apple-wine… no! buhhhhh, nice grey walls all around, did i mention this before? really fresh grey, a warm grey, a special grey that evokes a certain feeling right now…. is it boredom, is it ‘tristesse’ ? or is THIS  thankfullness i feel right now? i can’t decide now… later…

better, i’m praying a little prayer now:

lord, thank you for this sink of dirty dishes, that shows us, that  we have good food to eat. thank you for all the dirty laundry, so we have nice clothes to wear. i’d like to thank you for these unmade beds, they were all comfortable last night. my special thanks for this bathroom, complete with splattered mirror, soggy towels, and grimy sink, because it’s still very convenient. thank you for the refrigerator that needs defrosting so badly it has served us faithfully for a long time and inside are cool drinks, pizza and pudding also. thank you for this oven that must be cleaned as it has baked us many good things through the years.  lord, the presence of all these chores awaiting me says that you have richly blessed ME! but god, send me some divine benediction in form of a good looking  nice and diligent cleaning woman, that will help me out of this mess, please!  i pray! amen!


well… after 5 hours working in the garden my back hurts, but this is just good for me, i’m pretty sure. after passing hundreds of corridors with nice grey walls again i had to go back to my cell, to think of how i could become a better rabbit in this world.

well. very difficult question. if the other monks would talk to me i just could ask them how they made it, as they are practicing to become better monks since years. maybe the best  finally becomes pope….

*shock*   me, the next pope?   pope snuggles… heavy…  i have to think about this tomorrow. right now i’ll have my apple. yummy.




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